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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Well no shit...

Why oh why does the Uplands neighborhood seem to get so much attention from the City of Peoria?

I received an anonymous tip that some very important city and county officials happen to live in the Uplands including several employees of the City Street Department. (Well there go the plows) I was also told Grayeb, the 2nd District Councilman, (recycled) lives in the Uplands but I always though he lived on High Street in the High Wine District. (Yes that is the real name of that neighborhood. They have a sign)

I can't confirm this info for sure, but the source has been pretty reliable in the past.  I can tell you that the City Manager of Peoria lives in the Uplands as does his assistant City Manager. Those guys basically are the bosses of the City of Peoria employees and that includes whoever is running the police department.  That may also explain why cops are camped out in the Uplands doesn't it?  In fact, it explains why with the speed of light, when the water company had to tear up Main and University to replace a very old and huge water main, that money was found, designs were drawn, meetings were held, and the new intersection was born.  In days. Oh, yes, the idea has been on the boards for a long time. So has a lot of things in this town that never seem to get done. 

I mean, look how long this city has been building Washington Street, Jefferson and Adams Street downtown.  It took what, 2 years to get the first round a bout open? Or think back to the re-construction of Forrest Hill from University to Sterling?  That took so long, it drove some long time businesses out of business. (I miss Wonder Dogs) I really think they built the pyramids in Egypt quicker.  So it was truly amazing how fast Main and University was completely rebuilt but now I understand why.  

Was it really fair to drive so much of taxpayer supported resources into one neighborhood to benefit a few people at the cost of everyone? If so...When are other neighborhoods that need so much in infrastructure going to get the same service? I'm not talking about glossy sidewalks and fancy lighting with hanging baskets.  I am talking about the basics like sidewalks that haven't been replaced in decades in some areas. Like police presence the Uplands is getting for other neighborhoods. Not just when there is a crime but waiting for crime like they do in the Uplands.  Like just plain old decent street lights in some areas would be wonderful.  

The new intersection is beautiful and I like the design but it's in the wrong place. It belongs in a less traveled setting, like the Quad on the Bradley Campus.  You wouldn't build a round a bout on I 74 would you? (well maybe this def city would). Then you shouldn't slap a one lane restricted turn intersection at one of the busiest, very well traveled intersection either.  It was installed with lightning speed, in fact the fastest construction I have ever seen in Peoria by the street department, for two reasons only.   Greed and Egos.  If you think it was about Safety well the statistics on the intersection don't warrant the millions spent. 

Trouble is, many that run or city and some elected officials are trying to revert us back to the days of the 1950s. You know, one TV, one car, 2 children families where there was a neighborhood bar and grocery story on every corner? Where you could grab a ten spot and walk to get milk and bread at 7pm?  Where you could stroll your street in the evening? (hell I can almost hear Ward and June Cleaver)  Too bad that isn't how it is now where people advocate carrying a weapon, where if the drive thru was outlawed tomorrow, 75% of the people would starve to death and banking would draw to a halt. Where the average household has 2 and half cars (yes some neighborhoods the car on blocks in the front yard counts) and people do their makeup, eat their meals, conduct business, all from the front seat of their car. 

Traffic is a fact of life.  Some cities really have traffic problems.  This city creates it's own.

It's the 21st Century.  I was promised a Jet Pack when I was little by the year 2000. Didn't happen. I wish the City Manager lived in my neighborhood. Hell, I wish he'd just visit it. It's hard to get out of the castle I guess.  No shit...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Need a Cop? Uplands has them!

Ever call the police for a neighborhood problem and it seems they take a long time to come?  Well driving through the glory that is the Uplands yesterday at 3pm (yes I was cutting through but I did it in the VW with flowers on the dashboard, so the cops thought I was one of the anal retentive residents) I saw a police car on almost every street in the Uplands.

There was a marked police car watching the 4 way stop sign at Columbia Terr. and Elmwood.  There was an unmarked police car parked at Main and Institute only about a half a block back from Main so he wasn't really watching Main Street traffic as much as who was traveling up Institute.  There was a marked cop parked at Glenwood and Main watching Main street traffic.

So.....Was there a major crime in the Uplands yesterday?  Didn't see anything in the good ol PJS about any.  Then why are there at least 3 officers parked in the Uplands?  Is this a private neighborhood? Do the residents pay more in taxes for extra police services? Does this mean that other areas of Peoria are less served because we have police stationed in a neighborhood to watch traffic? 

I would like an explanation from our dear city officials on why does this neighborhood warrant all these extra services?  In my neighborhood and in many others, the only time we see cops parked on corners is when there is a chalk outline on the street or  house suddenly develops bullet holes.  But only for a few hours, then the cops are gone. In my neighborhood, and I am sure in others, if you call for a pizza and for a cop at the same time, you can bet your ass that the pizza will arrive before a cop does. So.....I have to ask

Is the Uplands money greener than any of ours?  Are their children more important than ours? Our their streets that heavily traveled that police need to be stationed there?  On every street? Why are their streets that heavily traveled?

Because the frickin idiots in charge (Grayeb is their King or Queen, either or) decided to take a MAJOR intersection, Main and University, and turn it into a glorified alley under the guise that it was for pedestrian safety even though there never was an issue with pedestrian safety in the first place. Yes there is traffic. Yes there are trucks. Big trucks and yes, they come close but other than the poor Indian dude that looked the wrong way while J-Walking, no deaths. So take a major north south access point and make it one lane and now those poor people in the Uplands want to know why people are using their PUBLIC streets? (I cut through at Columbia Ter. off of University because 3 school buses and cars had traffic backed up to past Columbia Ter. When I finally inched up to the corner, I decided it would be quicker than sitting and watching a school bus turn left onto Main at 2 and a half MPH sucking down the valuable seconds we had a green light.)

So we now have police enforcing the speed limits (they have that mobile radar unit in the Uplands) and stop signs with a vengeance in the Uplands. Don't you dare go over 25 MPH (maybe changed to 20 by next week) or roll through one of the 200 stop signs. You will get a ticket. Too frickin bad the police didn't use this same method of enforcement on the old Main street.  We could have saved millions in tax dollars and kept open a relatively safe and major intersection and Uplands wouldn't be bitching about cut through traffic that they themselves vote for.  Enforcement of traffic laws.  Gee, what a concept. But not in peoria where we always seem to put the cart before the horse and then wonder why we step in horse shit. 

This I will say. I cut through the Uplands whenever that intersection is backed up. I obey the stop signs and I don't speed. But if I do get pulled over for simply cutting through on a public street, it better be by Putin's Police and not Ardis' Police department.  I have a shifty and very intelligent lawyer.  This is the USA, I pay for insurance, license plates, registration, taxes, (more crap than it takes to own a gun) to drive my automobile where I want.  This is not the Ukraine......and the Uplands is really nothing more than Bradley University's next expansion zone. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


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